Frequently changing your toothbrush is critical to a healthy smile

How often do you think about changing your toothbrush? Surprisingly, changing out your toothbrush is critical to a healthy and safe cleaning in the morning and at night.

When is it time to get a new toothbrush?

The average person should be changing out toothbrushes within a 3 to 4-month span. By doing this, it helps keep the bristles on the toothbrush effective and the amount of bacteria at a minimal. Keeping up with replacing your toothbrush can prevent you from having long-term dental disease.

Toothbrushes become the collector for bacteria buildup. It starts to absorb the bacteria and plaque overtime, every time you brush. The worn out bristles can eventually cause inflammation in your gums and lead to premature gum recession.

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What if I do not change my toothbrush out as often as I should?

When you use the same brush for an exceeded amount of time it can cause the bristles to split and become frayed, causing the bristles to lean a certain way. When the bristles lose effectiveness, they start to miss parts on the teeth where built up plaque has formed.

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